Wes and I on our 1 year anniversary date

06 Jan Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

2012 was the year of change for me. Besides changing jobs, moving cities, and growing in a new relationship, I explored the worlds of  grant writers, wedding photographers, marketing consultants, product review writers, graphic designers, and food photographers. I love this time of year as a...

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Wedding 107bw

30 Sep Wedding Photography – Hillary & Andrew

Hillary and Andrew were the cutest wedding couple! I loved that they were both redheads!! So adorable. I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding at wonderfully green and lush Gover Ranch in Anderson, CA. I took these photos before my blog was incorporated into my...

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15 Sep Terrariums!

I recently bought the book, Terrarium Craft, a guide to building creative terrariums and miniature worlds. My initial draw to terrariums was to find a way to fill the hole left from no longer having a garden. Although the move from California to Portland, OR,...

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Wedding Pamela Paul-14

12 Sep Wedding Photography – Pamela & Paul

Pamela and Paul's wedding, in Lewiston, CA, was so rustic and cute! Having spent many summer weekends in the Trinity Alps, I've driven through Lewiston hundreds of times. This wedding was like a little slice of home, and it was a lot of fun to...

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Wedding Jason Aubry-11

09 Sep Wedding Photography – Jason & Aubrey

This summer I traveled to my mom's home town of Weaverville to photograph as a second shooter at Jason and Aubrey's wedding. The atmosphere, dress, and venue were perfect! I loved exploring around the historic home where the wedding was held, and the cute little decorations...

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01 Aug Greetings, Portland!

It has been over two months since I last posted, but since then it feels like a world of change has happened. A month ago we packed up our belongings, crammed two disgruntled cats in the car, and drove north to our new home in Portland,...

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23 May Product Review Photography

Recently I wrote my first product review for the site Encompass Life. I took a pair of Maui Jim's newest sunglasses, the Lilikoi, up to my family's cabin to experience how they would affect my vision hiking around creeks and exploring the woods in the...

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