Let Me Tell You About Myself…

As a second generation photographer, I grew up playing in my parents’ photography studio.  Crawling over backdrops, props, and watching my mom photograph clients set the stage for who I was to become, and made an artistic life my only natural option.


When I wasn’t exploring my parents’ studio, I was jumping across creeks and rocks at my family’s cabin in Northern CA. Not afraid of the dirt, and only slightly afraid of bats, I was a barefooted wild child contented by reading books in the sun or building dangerous secret treeforts.


After graduating college, my real world training started where it began, back in my parents’ studio. As a second shooter I trained alongside my mom at weddings and helped my dad edit pictures. Learning everything I could, I tried to absorb 30 years of knowledge from the best teachers I could have ever found. Now, I continue to explore new projects and techniques in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Working in a marketing or design capacity, I’ve honed my skills in a variety of projects for businesses including non-profits, retail stores, restaurants, a sports apparel company, and an environmental planning firm. My interdisciplinary skill set, creative eye, and logistical focus, streamlines projects that would normally require several people, and provides a comprehensive approach to my work.


My love for photography, art, and design has been a focus of mine for as long as I can remember, and is something I hope to share with clients who become friends, and small businesses that become partners. See what I’m up to by visiting my Facebook page and blog, and please drop me a line if you are looking for a photographer or graphic designer in the Portland area!