Antlers in the Pacific NW | Portland, OR Fine Art Photographer

Antlers in the Pacific NW | Portland, OR Fine Art Photographer

The first time I visited Portland, we went to the forest, and that was the moment I fell in love with the Pacific NW. Growing up in the mountains, the forests were a place for me to lose myself and wander for hours, so when I was deciding what city I wanted to move to after college, I knew that I had to be close to the mountains.

I had wanted to do a photoshoot in the forest surrounding Portland since I moved here, but the rain never fully cooperated. When the rain stopped I knew I wanted to go to Forest Park and explore. This lovely model was my muse, and a saint for balancing those heavy, very heavy, antlers on her head. She got stuck in the trees a couple of times, at which point we began to empathize with all horned woodland creatures, and wondered how do they do it??

This shoot was one of my first art shoots (for myself) that I had done in a long time, and I’m incredibly pleased with the results. It was a great reminder to slow down and do art for myself more often, which is something I often forget.