Birds Nest – Portland, OR Photographer

Birds Nest – Portland, OR Photographer

This was another brainchild and fun shoot of mine! Holly made the perfect bird queen, and was a real sport when we ratted her nearly all of her hair to make the crazy birds nest on top of her head. We scavenged moss and twigs from the woods and added it to her lovely ‘do, and wrapped her in sheer black fabrics and more moss, for a dark,¬†witchy look. The talented Carole Brotka of Your Mane Event did the hair styling and make-up for this shoot.

I loved the look of the main image I chose to composite together with a flock of birds in the sky, as well as the bird in Holly’s hand (first image below.) This was my first art shoot that I composited into another image, and it definitely has my gears turning for more projects like this in the future!